TIH on Preparedness for COVID-19

TIH on Preparedness for COVID-19

The Ingredient House is being proactive and is maintaining a Crisis Management Team to closely monitor developments and the global impact with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the protection of our employees uppermost in mind alongside working with all our customers on supply chain measures.

The following policies are in effect:

  • Our Crisis Management Team is monitoring the situation and taking steps to ensure the wellness and safety of our employees while executing against our comprehensive business continuity plans.
  • Limiting employee travel in March and April; to be reassessed at the end of April.
  • Meetings with customers/suppliers to be done over the internet/phone.
  • The Company will not attend any trade shows until further notice.
  • Visitors to our offices are prohibited at this time until further notice.
  • TIH is ensuring that internal meetings take place via internet/phone vs meeting in one conference space and all employees have been stationed in their own workspace.
  • Following CDC Guidelines on illness prevention.
  • Posters are displayed in several areas of the workplace to stress the importance of good hygiene measures recommended by CDC that will help to avoid the spread of any germs.
  • Each individual is to inform their line manager if they have been exposed to someone with the virus whether during business or personal time. In this instance, the employee will be asked to work from home for at least two full weeks after the potential exposure as a precaution.

These matters are very important and therefore we are taking strict measures to ensure a safe workplace.

We are also concerned about our customers; meeting their delivery needs are very important to us.  We are in constant communication with them and our logistics providers to ensure inventories are being maintained, provide updates on deliveries and share any insights that we have that would be helpful to them in meeting their production needs.

This release was made on March 13, 2020.  Please visit our website for further updates.