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Stabilization of High Protein Drink with Cellulose Gel

With the growing popularity of high protein drinks many manufacturers are looking for alternative stabilizers.

Blanver, a leading manufacturer of Cellulose Gel, conducted studies to evaluate the performance of Cellulose Gel in a high protein ready-to-drink beverage.

Proteins commonly have an aftertaste, issues involving heat stability, dispersibility, and solubility. Thermal processing also has a significant impact on flavor and stability; therefore, it required many trials in order to find the best ingredient combination to successfully achieve consumer nutrition, taste and shelf life expectations. Tabulose SC-611 performed excellent as a stabilizer and mouthfeel enhancer in ready-to-drink protein beverages in a standard shelf life study. The product provided stability, creamy texture and mouthfeel without separation or settling.

To find out how Cellulose Gel can improve your high protein drinks, please contact The Ingredient House.

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