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Serving Customers Globally

Operating effectively in global markets requires experience, deep knowledge of local business conditions and regulations and a management team that is truly comfortable operating anywhere in the world that our customers want to be. Our international expertise and extensive capabilities here at The Ingredient House are unmatched in the industry and truly help define who we are.

Services Include:

Strategic Manufacturing Partnerships

Critical to our ability to satisfy our customers, we have set up strategic manufacturing partnerships that help us secure the highest quality ingredients from the best, most reliable sources in the industry. We invest a vast amount of energy and resources to ensure that we attract and retain the best manufacturing partners for each ingredient.

Services Include:

Quality Assurance

We understand that the quality of our ingredients directly impacts the quality of your products as well as the quality and success of your brand. We are relentlessly focused on ensuring that the ingredients we supply meet all of your needs and specifications. We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure adherence to those standards throughout the entire supply chain, and we take pride in enforcing the toughest controls, tests and audits so that we can confidently stand behind each and every one of our ingredients.

Services Include:

Technical Support

Unlike some volume distributors, we don’t just distribute ingredients. We add value in every part of the relationship with our customers. Our entire team is intimately familiar with each of the ingredients we sell. We use our rich industry background and experience to offer a wide variety of technical guidance to our customers, from starting point recommendations to regulatory support.

Services Include:

Marketing Support

At the Ingredient House we are committed to helping you grow your business in as many was as we can. Many of our customers find great value in letting our experienced professionals brainstorm and collaborate with them on potential new product concepts and ways to appropriately position our quality ingredients for maximum marketing benefit for your brand.

Services Include:

Join us, and Discover the Quality within.

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