Plant-Based Innovator Renmatix Wins Award, Nouravant™ Maple Fiber

Plant-Based Innovator Renmatix Wins Award, Nouravant™ Maple Fiber

Renmatix was awarded the BEST in Baking Program Award for Sustainability at this year’s International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) for their plant-based innovative product, Nouravant™ Maple Fiber.  This novel ingredient exhibits multifunctional property benefits in emulsification, texturizing, moisture retention, egg and fat replacement – increasingly desirable traits to meet today’s healthy consumer tastes.

Together with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, the IBIE’s BEST in Baking Program honors suppliers and bakeries committed to excellence in the industry’s most paramount topics.  It ranges from sustainability and supply chain innovation to workforce development where they have made notable achievements.

To produce Nouravant™, Renmatix uses the Plantrose® Process which is a water-based technology platform developed to convert raw plants into bio-based ingredients and sustainable products.  It is a first-in-kind technology innovation harnessing water as the medium to break down diverse plant materials, or “biomass,” to create a portfolio of foundational ingredients that can be used in diverse applications.

Produced in the USA and derived from pure plant materials and agricultural feedstocks, Nouravant Maple Fiber allows food producers to replace eggs and fats, as they enhance the efficiency of texturizing ingredients and the moisture retention required for freshness extension – all while undercutting the cost of conventional ingredients. Nouravant Maple Fiber has also shown advantages in gluten-free and vegan baked goods and its breakthrough properties are currently being realized in baked goods such as breads, muffins, cookies and donuts. Future targets include soups and sauces, meat and dairy systems and many other food ingredient applications.

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