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Meet Us at IFT Expo

Meet The Ingredient House, Prinova Group, at IFT Booth #S0420 and learn about our latest innovative ingredients to help you create great-tasting, healthy products.

Meet our team of experienced food professionals and learn about our latest ingredients and the value of working with The Ingredient House, Prinova Group.

Our portfolio covers Sweeteners, Polyols, Fibers, Hydrocolloids, Proteins, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Aroma Chemicals, Caffeine, Food Acids, Flavors, Preservatives and Premix. As a division of Prinova (Booth S0415), we offer many services such as particle enhancement, blending and contract manufacturing.

There will be a variety of exclusive taste testing prototypes including:

  • Peach Candy Energy Drink featuring RightSweet Erythritol, RightSweet Stevia, and RightSweet Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo).
  • Brownies – No Sugar Added with RightSweet Erythritol, RightSweet Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) and GOFOS™ sc-FOS (Fiber).
  • Snack Bar featuring Bamboo Fiber, GOFOS™ sc-FOS (Fiber).
  • Hint® Blackberry Flavored Water with added RightSweet Allulose.
  • Chocolate Candy with GOFOS™ sc-FOS.

Discover the Quality within

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