TIH Welcomes Jim Shepherd

TIH Welcomes Jim Shepherd

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Shepherd as Chief Business Innovation Officer within The Ingredient House (TIH) on May 28, 2019.

With TIH increasingly focused upon bringing innovation to our customers Jim will lead Innovation & Technical functions in addition to being actively involved in our Quality Programs. He will combine this leadership of the Commercial Development of New Business items such as GOFOS™ Short-Chain FOS & Nouravant™ Maple Fiber which characterize the innovation TIH is bringing to market. Jim will interact with many of our customers and suppliers as we seek to innovate within our supply chain targeting elimination of waste and improvements to process wherever we see such opportunities.

Graham Hall, CEO, commented, “Adding Jim’s expertise to our team is an important step as we prepare for even more growth. It is also significant to note that Innovation has become much more important to our customers in recent years so Jim’s experience at major companies such as Coca-Cola and Sensient will be very valuable as we look to raise the bar still further for our customers.”

Jim commented, “This is a perfect time for me to join TIH with quite a number of innovation projects that the team will look to commercialize. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead as TIH strives to reach new highs then this will be an exciting place to be”.


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