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We bring together the highest quality, safest food ingredients we can find, sourced from cost-efficient manufacturers, wrapped with value-added services and delivered to you by top industry professionals. This winning combination has delivered unmatched value to our customers, and strong, lasting benefits to our manufacturing partners.

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What We Do

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    Serving Customers Globally

    Operating effectively in global markets requires experience, deep knowledge of local business conditions and regulations plus a management team that is truly comfortable operating anywhere in the world that our customers want to be.

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    Strategic Manufacturing Partnerships

    Critical to our ability to satisfy our customers, we have set up strategic manufacturing partnerships that help us secure the highest quality ingredients from the best, most reliable sources in the industry.

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    Quality Assurance

    Here at The Ingredient House we understand that the quality of our ingredients directly impacts the quality of your products and the investment you made to develop your brand.

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    Technical Support

    Our entire team is intimately familiar with each of the ingredients we sell and use our rich industry background and experience to offer a wide variety of technical guidance to our customers, from starting point recommendations to regulatory support.

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    Marketing Support

    Many of our customers find great value in letting our experienced professionals brainstorm and collaborate with them on potential new product concepts and ways to appropriately position our quality ingredients for maximum marketing benefit for their products.

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